Funding solutions for Energy Transition 

Team TridentX is a leader in the design of Climate Financial Instruments. Our subject matter experts in energy and finance bring decades of hands-on experience in contract design, project finance, and blockchain technology. A core application for TridentX Security Tokens EDX algorithms can be structured and deployed as Carbon Credits, Green Bonds, and Purchase Power Agreements on our ATS. TridentX Climate finance solutions are geared to finance the projects supporting the energy transition to a diversified energy supply matrix. Some of the projects we can finance and support include:

  • Development of Sustainable Real Estate
  • Power Generation Natural Gas & Biomass
  • Portfolios Solar, Tidal and Wind power
  • P3’s Utility transformation water & power

Our long-standing relationships with the senior management at the leading financial institutions enable us to issue certified ESG Investment Products qualifying for inclusion in institutional portfolios and ESG** indexes.


Do you have plans to develop a decentralized energy grid or related infrastructure within the LatAm or Caribbean regional market? The FSTO Green Finance toolbox can help you structure and fund the deal. 


Read the FlatStone comments to the CFA Institute Consultation Paper on the Development ESG Disclosure Standards for Investment Products here

*Geothermal Solar Wind Tidal **Environmental, Social, and Governance

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Big Four + Global banks + Regulated sectors

Big Four + Global banks + Regulated sectors
Corporate team members across two continents

Corporate team members across two continents
Offices in Canada, Mexico and Barbados

Offices in Canada, Mexico and Barbados
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